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C++ Programming

35 years experience programming computers using a wide variety of languages including C, Pascal, COBOL, Java, BASIC and x86 assembler. My language of choice is C++. Most of the projects I've been involved with are bespoke developments, ranging from DBMS-work for Livingston Development Corporation, data analysis for the Office for Scotland Employment Service and supervisory roles in Sankey (Scotland) Ltd. I've released several utility programs for the Windows 9x operating system. These days I provide maintenance services for Forrest & Associates and its clients.


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Why AVL tree is not suitable for insertion and deletion?

AVL trees, much like Red/Black trees, are self-balancing and therefore incur a runtime cost each time the tree must be re-balanced, as would occur for many insert and extrac (MORE)

What is the name of the button that refreshes the computer screen?

There is no such button. Nor is there any need for such a button. The computer screen refreshes itself automatically depending on the chosen screen refresh rate (typically 6 (MORE)

Is basic compiled or interpreted language?

By convention, BASIC is an interpreted language. However, many modern implementations (including Microsoft Visual Basic .NET) are compiled. Note that programming language (MORE)

What statements indicate the start and end of a procedure?

A procedure is started by calling the function that represents that procedure. The function call must include any and all required arguments. The procedure ends whenever (MORE)

How are the computers physically linked in a network topology?

A typical network consists of one or more hubs, switches and routers. They all do similar jobs, however hubs are cheaper because all traffic from one port is broadcast acros (MORE)

What are compiler directives?

Compiler directives instruct the preprocessor to perform certain tasks prior to compiling the source code. The language compiler can only compile C code, but macros (lines b (MORE)

How do you find c program the maximum and minimum values from a given two dimension array?

To calculate the maximum value in an (unsorted) array, assume the first element is the largest element and store its value. If the next value is larger, store that value, ot (MORE)

Write a easy program to print the sum of squares of alternative prime numbers?

It is not possible to print the sum of alternate prime numbers because prime numbers are infinite and, therefore, alternate prime numbers are also infinite. Thus the only wa (MORE)

What is the source code in C to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit?

include // Temperature conversion functions: float celcius_to_fahrenheit (double c) { return c * 9.0 / 5.0 + 32.0; } float celcius_to_kelvin (double c) { return c + 2 (MORE)