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C++ Programming

35 years experience programming computers using a wide variety of languages including C, Pascal, COBOL, Java, BASIC and x86 assembler. My language of choice is C++. Most of the projects I've been involved with are bespoke developments, ranging from DBMS-work for Livingston Development Corporation, data analysis for the Office for Scotland Employment Service and supervisory roles in Sankey (Scotland) Ltd. I've released several utility programs for the Windows 9x operating system. These days I provide maintenance services for Forrest & Associates and its clients.


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C++ Programming


  • Lance Rasmussen Software developer, amateur radio enthusiast, cooking enthusiast and work professionally in the sport of bowling.
  • Aaron McClellan Human Resources guy for Answers

What are characteristics of assembly programming language?

Extremely low-level symbolic language. The only thing lower than assembly is machine code, where all code is written in binary (typically using a hex editor). Assembly lifts (MORE)

What is Negative impact of surfing Internet?

You cannot surf the Internet, you can only surf the web, which is an idiom for browsing. The only negative impact is the energy consumed, however there are also risks as mal (MORE)

In python are actual and formal parameters matched up by position or name?

When we invoke a function, we pass the actual arguments in the same order specified by the function's formal arguments, thus it is the relative position that determines how (MORE)

What does data integrity mean?

"Data integrity refers to the maintenance of, and the assurance of the accuracy and consistency of, data over its entire life-cycle, and is a critical aspect to the design, i (MORE)

What is the definition of datatypes in programming?

A data type defines how data is represented. All data is obviously represented by a sequence of binary values, however, the data type determines how that value is to be inte (MORE)

What are methods in programming?

A method is simply a name we often use when referring to a virtual function in object oriented programming. We can define virtual functions for any class method which we exp (MORE)

What are present in assembly language but not in high level languages?

Assembly languages allow complete control over the machine's instruction set. This means programs must be written in minute detail, in terms the machine itself can understan (MORE)

Why is a compiler a necessary part of a computer?

Compilers are only necessary for programmers; ordinary users do not require them. A compiler is a program which converts a high-level source input into a lower-level source (MORE)

What is the importance of inheritance in c plus plus?

Without inheritance we wouldn't be able to derive new classes from existing classes. This would make it much more difficult to deal with collections of objects of different (MORE)

How is reusability of a class implemented in c plus plus?

There are two ways to reuse a class in C++. Composition and inheritance. With composition, any class data member can be an instance of an existing class. With inheritance, w (MORE)