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35 years experience programming computers using a wide variety of languages including C, Pascal, COBOL, Java, BASIC and x86 assembler. My language of choice is C++. Most of the projects I've been involved with are bespoke developments, ranging from DBMS-work for Livingston Development Corporation, data analysis for the Office for Scotland Employment Service and supervisory roles in Sankey (Scotland) Ltd. I've released several utility programs for the Windows 9x operating system. These days I provide maintenance services for Forrest & Associates and its clients.


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  • Lance Rasmussen Software developer, amateur radio enthusiast, cooking enthusiast and work professionally in the sport of bowling.
  • Aaron McClellan Human Resources guy for Answers

What is the output for the following C program include include void main(void) char str1 Hello world char str2 Hello world printf (d d d d sizeof(str1) sizeof(str2)strlen(str1) strlen(str2))?

What is the output for the following C program? include int main (void) { char* str1 = "Hello world"; char str2[] = "Hello world"; printf ("%d, %d, %d, %d\n (MORE)

Why is Algorithm important?

Algorithms provide us with the finite sequence of steps required to solve a given problem and are expressed using a combination of natural language (such as plain-English) a (MORE)

What is the significance of the bitwise operators in C?

The C bitwise operators allow programmers to operate upon the individual bits within a bit pattern of integral type. The bitwise shift operators (>) allow the programmer to (MORE)

In HTML the tags that have both an on tag and an off tag are called elements?

In HTML, all tags are elements and all HTML elements other than empty elements and elements require a start and end tag to delimit the element's content. The tag is an exa (MORE)

How will your lesson in C plus plus programming help you as a student?

C++ is the most widely-used general purpose programming language in use within the industry today. There are literally billions of lines of C++ code in use and somebody has (MORE)

What is an escape sequence in C plus plus?

An escape sequence is a sequence of characters that are to be replaced by another character sequence. This is necessary because some characters have special meaning to the l (MORE)

Why is punctuation and format important things to consider when writing code?

Punctuation and format (or syntax) are important because language compilers require them in order to interpret your code correctly, in much the same way punctuation helps a (MORE)

Write an algorithm with analysis steps for binary search?

Given a sorted data sequence, if the data sequence is empty, return NULL to indicate the value does not exist, otherwise compare the middle element's value with the value be (MORE)

What does java generate after compiling the java source code?

Java compiles to Java byte code; the native language of the Java virtual machine (JVM). The JVM is essentially just an interpreter for Java byte code. Each supported platfor (MORE)