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Can bad credit stop you from getting Section 8 housing?

Bad credit does NOT necessarily stop one from qualifying for a Section 8 housing voucher. Landlords may choose NOT to rent to a Section 8 participant with credit problems (MORE)

Why do dogs eat their vomit?

Quite often, dogs vomit not because of an upset stomach (gastritis), but because their food hasn't yet been digested and they become too full. After emptying their stomach c (MORE)

Can an apartment complex raise rent while still within lease?

No, they cannot raise your rent while a lease is still in effect. But they often publish the higher rent amount to others whose leases are about to expire. When your lease c (MORE)

If your section 8 voucher is more that than the rent do you still have to pay 30 percent of your income in Chicago?

Yes, because your voucher will then be based on actual rent instead of the maximum approvable amount.
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My landlord gave me a 30 day notice to vacate due to flood damage is that legal I have also been their more then a year and the law states if under a year to give 30 days?

If a home is rendered inhabitable your landlord has the right to evict you under the constructive eviction rule. On the same token, if you were living in a home and a flood (MORE)