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What is a disadvantage of using hydrogen to power cars?

Basically the disadvantages come down to storage, filling and range of the car based on capacity of the available fuel tanks. Hydrogen is transported in high pressure cylinde (MORE)

Will driving a long distance remove carbon?

Sort of. Carbon build up from short trips inside combustion chambers, off of Valves and such, yes, I have personal experiance with this. (Story at bottom) But this isnt a qui (MORE)

Can someone be allergic to drinking water?

This is less silly than it sounds. Drinking water is NOT pure water, it can have many trace "Contaminants" It is VERY REMOTELY possible that a person could be Alergic to one (MORE)

What is code p0513 on a 2006 Dodge Caravan?

Incorrect vehical imobilizer code: It means that the elctronic key in use is not talking to the computer correctly. It may be as simple as the battery in the key is dead or it (MORE)