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What country invented football?

Many countries and cultures have historically played games similar to modern football, including Greece, China, Japan, Rome, Britain, many parts of Africa, and the Americas. (MORE)

Who is the inventor of fire works?

The inventor of fireworks is unknown; fireworks originated in seventh century China and the inventor remains lost to unrecorded history.
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Is Saturn smaller or larger than earth?

It is a lot bigger than Earth; it's classified as a Jovian planet, commonly nicknamed gas giants because of their size and composition. Saturn is about 95 times as massive as (MORE)

Is Pluto a planet of the solar system?

Yes and no. It was decided on August 24, 2006 that Pluto be classified a dwarf planet. Because dwarf planets are a subclassification of planet, it would be accurate to call Pl (MORE)
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Is victorious better than iCarly?

I always watch Victorious because all episodes are well put together and interesting to watch.
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Which country exhibits the most political equality between the sexes?

As of the 2013 United Nations Development Report Gender Inequality Index ratings, the most gender-equal country (and thus politically gender-equal) is Slovenia, with a value o (MORE)
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What are Muslims prayers?

Learning the basics of Muslim Prayer Salat or Muslim's prayer is an essential part of Muslims' worships. Prophet Muhammad said that the Salat is the pillar of our religion. So (MORE)

What is the name of a ten billion sided polygon?

While there is no prevalent name for such a polygon, due to its insurmountable number of sides (to the unaided eye, it would be indistinguishable from a circle; such a polygon (MORE)
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0.15-0.2x 0.3 x plus 3?

0.15 - 0.20x = 0.30x + 3.00 -0.20x - 0.30x = 3.00 - 0.15 -0.50x = 2.85 x = 2.85/-0.50 x = -5.70
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Who discovered that the earth took 365 days to orbit the sun?

The concept of a 365 day year dates back as early as ancient Egypt and China, when astronomers observed the apparent cycle of 365 days for reference stars, such as Sirius, t (MORE)

What is astronomy?

Astronomy is the study of the universe with particular reference to celestial bodies. The planets, the moons, the sun and other stars, galaxies, etc. all fall under astronomy (MORE)

What was Christiaan huygens major contribution to astronomy?

Huygens proposed as an explanation for Saturn's apparently unusual shape a thin, flat ring around the planet, which he later proved (though later observation would show he was (MORE)