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What does a Q crochet hook look like?

Well I don't have a way to add a photo here...but a Q Hook looks exactly like all other Crochet Hooks except it is much larger. Most Q Hooks will be made of plastic and some (MORE)

How long does the first string of crochet need to be to make a blanket?

That depends on the size of your blanket. Baby's Crib sized = 30 inches x 36 inchesBaby's Square Blankie = 36 inches x 36 inches Children/Toddler Bed Size = 42 inches x 48 in (MORE)

What does hdc tog mean in crochet?

Half Double Crochet Together .. also seen as hdc2tog In American Terms, work as follows: yarn over (pick up yarn with hook)insert hook into next stitchyarn overpull through ( (MORE)