Who sang Memphis Tennessee?

"Memphis, Tennessee" is a song released by many artists. It originally was released by Chuck Berry in 1959. A popular recording of the song also was released by Johnny Rive (MORE)

Why did Tennessee need to have constitutional convention before it could have a state capital?

Tennessee could not have a "state" capital until it became a state. A territory applying for U.S. statehood can not become a U.S. state until the territory adopts a constitu (MORE)

Did Tennessee Ernie Ford sing Little Green Apples?

Roger Miller released the recording of "Little Green Apples" in 1968. Recordings of "Little Green Apples" subsequently was released by many artists including Patti Page, O.C (MORE)

Who the head of local government in Tennessee?

The Governor of Tennessee is the head of government in Tennessee. Bill Haslam is the 49th and current Governor of Tennessee. He was elected Governor in 2010 and was re-elect (MORE)