What are some songs like 'Does Anybody Hear Her' by Casting Crowns?

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Is Casting Crowns a Christian band?

YES! Casting Crowns is a great Christian band who talks about Jesus!! They're songs are so powerful! They write Christian music that's in Christian radio stations and Christian stores! Most of their songs are based on verses. ALL THERE SONGS HAVE AWESOME MESSAGES They have a strong faith in ( Full Answer )

Is Casting Crowns a Canadian band?

No. They currently reside right-outside of Atlanta, Georgia in the USA. Crowns formed in Florida at first.

Who started Casting Crowns?

Mark Hall is the main one who started it with Melodee DeVevo, Juan DeVevo and Hector Cervantes. Then later joined Chris Huffman, Megan Garret and Andy Williams. Now Andy's not in it; Brian Scoggin is now the drummer.

What are facts about Casting Crowns?

Here's a few facts: 1) Casting Crowns is one of the fastest selling, platinum-reaching Christian artists in history. Casting Crowns also won a Grammy for Lifesong. 2) Casting Crowns are one of the ONLY American bands in the U.S. that North Korea invited to play some concerts at an international ( Full Answer )

What are the lyrics of Who Am I by Casting Crowns?

Who am I, that the Lord of all the earth Would care to know my name Would care to feel my hurt Who am I, that the bright and morning star Would choose to light the way For my ever wandering heart Not because of who I am But because of what You've done Not because of what I've done ( Full Answer )

Who is Casting Crowns inspired by?

A personal walking-around relationship/ friendship with Jesus Christ and God! Also, the Church, the Body of Christ.

What is Casting Crowns music like?

In-your-face music . Truth-in-love kinda stuff . Inspirational . Worship . Praises Jesus . Makes you think BEST BAND EVER!!

Where are you more likely to hear the song Bread of Heaven?

The song is actually called Guide me o' thou great Jehovah . Its a hymn written in 1745 with music called Cwm Rhodda added in 1907. Its claimed to be the second welsh national anthem. Heard normally in church, chapel and Choir concerts it is considered the most requested hymn for funerals across ( Full Answer )

Can you help download all Casting Crowns songs?

I can, I own all their CD's. But, a site that Casting Crowns created that has all their songs- live too (full-lengths) and as well as ALL the videos that are on their Live DVD's is crownsfans.com. You can play the songs on the computer (although I don't think you can download them).

What songs are on the Casting Crowns CD The Altar And The Door?

1. What This World Needs 2. Every Man 3. Slow Fade 4. East To West 5. The Word Is Alive 6. The Altar And The Door 7. Somewhere In The Middle 8. I Know You're There 9. Prayer For A Friend 10. All Because Of Jesus 11. White Doves Fly High (Bonus Track) 12. 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In J ( Full Answer )

Does Casting Crowns write their songs from Bible verses?

Sometimes,Yes they write the songs from Bible verses (Ex. Lifesong KINDA). But most of the time the songs are what they are dealing with personally from being youth-pastors. The songs they write are also a way for them to connect with their teenagers. Each song they write has Biblical truthes in the ( Full Answer )

Tagalog lyrics of Who Am I by Casting Crowns?

Who am I, that the Lord of all the earth Would care to know my name Would care to feel my hurt Who am I, that the bright an morning star Would choose to light the way For my ever wandering heart Not because of who I am But because of what you've done Not because of what I've done ( Full Answer )

How did Casting Crowns get inspired to write their song Does Anybody Hear Her?

Well, Mark Hall wrote the song; he is a full-time youth pastor as well. Mark calls 'Does Anybody Hear Her' The Girl Song. He was inspired to write it because he sees that the song depicts where so many live. They are all around us. To become numb to their pain is to become numb to the very heart ( Full Answer )

Who is influenced by Casting Crowns?

Me! I'm infuenced by Casting Crowns in numerous ways. There music is so inspiring and has great messages! One thing that really draws me is the honesty and the passion of the lyrics. It challenges me to step-up to the plate and to grow deeper in my relationship/ friendship with Jesus Christ so I can ( Full Answer )

Why did Casting Crowns switch drummers?

They switched drummers because Andy chose to leave Crowns to be with his wife and be the drummer of her band, Soul Sister Sally.

How many songs does Casting Crowns have?

Crowns has a total of 97 songs, on 10 CD's so far: ~2003: Casting Crowns (Self-Titled), 10 songs. ~2004: Live From Atlanta, 6 songs. ~2005: Lifesong, 11 songs. ~2006: Lifesong Live, 7 songs. ~2007: The Altar And The Door, 12 songs. ~2008: The Altar And The Door Live, 8 songs. ~2008: P ( Full Answer )

On Casting Crowns Until the Whole World Hears CD What are people's two favorite songs besides the two on the radio?

Mark says that at concerts a crowd favorite is Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me) . It's mostly your own opinion, though I'd say Glorious Day and either Blessed Redeemer or Mercy or To Know You . A lot of people like Glorious Day , Mercy, Blessed Redeemer, Jesus Hold Me Now , Alway ( Full Answer )

How many songs have Casting Crowns written?

Casting Crowns's lead singer Mark Hall has written 45 songs not including the live songs (including the live songs is 65 songs) out of 76 songs.

What are the names of all of Casting Crowns songs?

Casting Crowns has 84 songs in Total, They are: Casting Crowns (Self-Titled) (Oct 7, 2003): 1. What If His People Prayed 2. If We Are the Body 3. Voice of Truth 4. Who Am I 5. American Dream 6. Here I Go Again 7. Praise You with the Dance 8. Glory 9. Life of Praise 10. Your Lo ( Full Answer )

What is the song Here I Go Again by Casting Crowns about?

"'Here I Go Again' is a prayer we all pray as we're walking up to the friend we've always known who we needed to share our faith with, and then we choke. We know the answers, we have the training and the education far beyond our obedience, and the time comes to share our lives with somebody and fear ( Full Answer )

What is the song East To West by Casting Crowns about?

God's forgiveness is an amazing gift. The problem is that our logic gets in our way. ~Psalm 51 / Ephesians 2:1-10 / 1 John 1:9 / Psalm 103 / Romans 8 / Colossians 2:9-15 / Isaiah 38:17 / Psalm 32 / Lamentations 3:22-24 / Romans 6 / Romans 3:5-8 "We have a hard time with the concept of forgiveness ( Full Answer )

What kind of song is Who Am I by Casting Crowns?

There are a lot of songs today about who we are in Christ. There aren't many songs that talk about who we are without Him. Who Am I is a song that talks about who we are without Him. Before you can truly understand who you are in Christ, you have to understand who you're not first, and to see wha ( Full Answer )

What is the most famous Casting Crowns song?

Casting Crowns' most successful song is probably East to West from "The Altar And The Door". Although, they are probably best known for Who Am I? or Voice of Truth from their self-titled debut, or even Praise You In This Storm from "Lifesong".

How many albums does Casting Crowns have?

They have a total of 9 albums so far, they are: ~Casting Crowns [self-titled] (Oct 7, 2003) ~Live from Atlanta (Sept 14, 2004) ~Lifesong (Aug 30, 2005) ~Lifesong Live (Oct 3, 2006) ~The Altar and the Door (Aug 28, 2007) ~The Altar and the Door Live (Aug 18, 2008) ~Peace on Eart ( Full Answer )

What does the song Voice of Truth mean by Casting Crowns?

The song Voice of Truth is basically Mark Hall's (the lead-singer and song-writer of Casting Crowns) testimony put to a song. The original name of 'Voice of Truth' when Mark originally wrote it, was 'Fear'. It is Mark's story. The "Voice of Truth" is/ represents Jesus Christ. Via Mark Hall on Cas ( Full Answer )

What is the message of Who Am I by Casting Crowns?

"There are a lot of songs today about who we are in Christ. There aren't many songs that talk about who we are without Him. Before you can truly understand who you are in Christ, you have to understand who you're not first, and to see what He's made out of you, out of what He started with. I'm just ( Full Answer )

How did Casting Crowns start?

Casting Crowns started as just a worship band, they were discovered when one of their CD's that they made for the students in their church youth groups found its way to Christian music legend, Steven Curtis Chapman and Mark Miller. Steven and Mark Miller thought that the church, the body of Chris ( Full Answer )

What record company is Casting Crowns with?

Casting Crowns is part of Beach Street Records under Reunion Records which is a division of Provident Label Group; and Provident is owned by Sony-BMG (one of the world's media giants).

Is Casting Crowns Satanic?

No, Casting Crowns is not Satanic. All of the members profess to be Christians, and their lyrics have deep Christian meanings. To view some of their songs, please see the Related Link(s) below.

How is Casting Crowns doing?

They are doing great! Casting Crowns is towards the end of the recording process for a brand-new studio album that is due out later this year (2011). Also lead-singer and song-writer, Mark Hall is also going to release a new book this year (2011). It is the third book he has written. It is titled "T ( Full Answer )

Where is Casting Crowns based out of?

All the members of Casting Crowns basically live near Atlanta, Georgia. (More South Atlanta.) So, Casting Crowns is based out of Atlanta, Ga.

Who writes Casting Crowns songs?

Lead-singer and Songwriter Mark Hall writes the majority of the songs Crowns does/has. Mark also co-wrote some Crowns song with other people, including Other band members, Steven Curtis Chapman, Matthew West, Bernie Herms (Natalie Grant's husband), among others as well. Also, some songs are covers o ( Full Answer )

What does the song Who Am I by Casting Crowns mean?

The song Who Am I is about the love of God for His people. It refers to the fact that we are sinners and our lives quickly fade away but yet the God of all creation cares for about every detail of our lives and even though we sin, He still loves and still picks us back up again to set us on the righ ( Full Answer )

What was Casting Crowns first song?

"Spirit Wind" is one of the first songs Mark Hall ever wrote. "Spirit Wind" can be found on Come To The Well (release date: October 18, 2011).

What are some popular Casting Crowns songs?

All their songs that have been radio hits/ singles are popular songs by them. Below is a list of all the songs in order from oldest to newest: Casting Crowns (self-titled - 2003): If We Are The Body What If His People Prayed Voice Of Truth Who Am I American Dream Here I Go Again Li ( Full Answer )

How old are the members of Casting Crowns?

As of 2012: Mark Hall is/will be 43. September of 1969 Melodee DeVevo is/will be 36. July of 1976 Juan DeVevo is/will be 37. September of 1975 Chris Huffman is/will be 32. November of 1980 Megan Garrett is/will be 32. August of 1980 Hector Cervantes is/will be 32. September of 1980 ( Full Answer )

How did casting crowns get inspired to write song who are you?

I havent heard of that title. My assumption is that you mean who am I? I discovered that many parts of the chorus and bridges etc are excerpts taken from the book of James in the Bible. I will come back and refine this with answers soon but it also good to note that the song is that of submission an ( Full Answer )

When did Casting Crowns record the song Who Am I?

The song was recorded in 2004, and reached number 1 in the same year. It can be found on the 2004 album aptly named "Casting Crowns", which reached Gold sales and number 1 in the U.S chart, within the same year.

What band sings the song 'Does Anybody Hear Her'?

Casting Crowns is the band that songs 'Does Anybody Hear Her'. It was released September 23rd, 2006 from the album Lifesong. Casting Crowns is a christian rock band.

Where can lyrics to Casting Crowns songs be found?

Blogs are often good places to find lyrics written by fans of the band/song. Other lyric websites include: elyrics and metrolyrics, also songlyrics. Try finding the website or fansite for the band, where you may find the lyrics.