What goal might mark Antony have had in mind by giving his speech at caesq?

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Who was Mark Antony?

Mark Antony was a Roman general and politician who lived from 83 BCto 30 BC. He is also a character in the play Julius Caesar by WilliamShakespeare. There is also Marc Anthon

William shakespeare Mark Antonys speech on Caesars body?

In the play, Julius Ceasar was killed by a mutiny of roman senators. Principal among them are Brutus, who was JC's best friend -- bright, charasmatic and naive, and Casius, wh

What is the entire mark Antony speech from Julius Caesar?

Mark Antony's eulogy to Caesar ( Julius Caesar , Act III scene 2) : . Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears: I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil tha

Did Mark Antony really say the friends Romans countrymen speech?

Not in real life. Remember Shakespeare was a playwright, a dramatic writer. Although he wrote on historical subjects, he was providing entertainment. He fictionalized and embe

Why is it called the U turn speech of mark Antony?

This is because Mark Antony remains successful in completely turning the minds of the Romans,who supported the conspirators, against them and raging to seek revenge against Br

When did Mark Antony gave the speech friends Romans countrymen?

When he was given a chance to address the romans.It was after Julius Ceaser was killed and his enemies were convinced that Mark Antony was on their side.On the contrary he mad

Does mark Antony give up everything to be with Cleopatra?

Well, maybe in romantic novels and plays he does, but in the real world, no. Marc Antony and Cleopatra were political allies. Cleopatra needed Antony to keep her dynasty in po

What territories on the eastern side did mark Antony give Cleopatra?

Marc Antony gave Cleopatra Roman territory mainly along the strip of the eastern Mediterranean. Her new territories were in Phoenicia, part of Syria , Cypress, most of Cilicia

What are goals of mark Antony?

The only goal that Marc Antony had when he first went east as a triumvir was to invade Parthia and return to Rome in triumph. When he failed in this he allied himself with Cle

Why did Cicero wanted to give Mark Antony power?

Cicero never wanted to give Marc Antony anything least of all power. They were bitter enemies. Cicero executed Antony's stepfather without a trial and later gave a series of s