What two items are not authorized on semi-formal dress uniform that are mandatory on the service dress uniform in the Airforce?

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Do Construction workers have to dress in a uniform?

Whether a construction worker must dress in a uniform depends on company requirements, and perhaps the foreman's preferences. Generally you don't need to wear any kind of unif

What are the authorized awards for the Army Dress Blue uniform?

The short answer: With a few exceptions, almost any award or badge that can be worn on the Army Class A "greens" may be worn on dress blues. On the Army male Dress Blue Unifor

How can you dress emo in a uniform?

This may seem difficult to do, but it shouldn't be too hard. First, let me give you a little background. The school I go to requires me to wear a uniform. We have to wear a ba

Is free dress is better then uniforms?

There are two sides to this answer. Uniforms are good because the child would not be teased or pressured to wear a certain brand of clothing. It decreases peer pressure. Also

Do national guardsmen get a dress uniform?

I went through Basic in 98, and the Class A uniform was the current Army Green uniform, which is in the process of being phased out. At that time, everyone was issued Class A