You had to take plan b 3 times in one menstrual cycle all soon after sex you spotted a lot 6 days in a row and been very stressed could you be pregnant or would you have enough blood for your period?

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What could be wrong if you have not had your period in 6 months but the past two months you have had brown spotting for about 3 days and all tests have been negative?

Answer . \nI do know that the best thing you could do, is get yourself off to a gynae. A blood test for starters will clear any questions of pregnancy, although I think you

Could you be pregnant if you had sex on day 5 of cycle took Plan B 3 HP T's have been negative no symptoms and under tremendous stress Would a blood test be accurate at this time?

Answer . \nIt is highly unlikely that you would be pregnant. Most women don't ovulate until around day 10 - 14, so you had intercourse very early. If you have taken tha